In January we had a query from a prospective purchaser of 10 Gateacre Brow. This is the listed building - formerly a shop - which Mr Wayne Colquhoun refurbished in 1989. After several years as a hairdresser's salon, followed by several years as a financial advisor's office, the premises have once again been comprehensively refurbished, this time as a 3-bedroomed house.

One of the stone slabs making up the pathway to the side door of the property, alongside the east wall, is a gravestone. The lettering on it is nowadays scarcely legible, but we do have in the Society's archives a photograph taken in 1989 while the previous conversion work was in progress. From this photo it is possible to make out the following inscription:

Here Lie the Remains of Joseph Rea W...
the Son of John and ... of Liverpool who departed this ... of November 1805 aged ...

The prospective purchaser wondered who is commemorated by the gravestone, and how it
came to be where it is.

Mr Colquhoun has confirmed that, in 1989, he found the stone at the front of the property, laid face down. This possibly suggests that it was part of a 'job lot' of stone slabs, brought in at some time in the past when the original garden area was paved over. But of course we could be wrong! Please contact Beryl Plent or
Mike Chitty if you have any information which
may help solve the mystery.

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