As mentioned in our last Newsletter, Liverpool City Council has published a draft Traffic Regulation Order to authorise the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on many of our local roads. When we studied the list, we noted that some of them were cul-de-sacs where it is not possible to drive at over 20mph, and where the installation of '20' signs would, in our view, result in unnecessary expense and clutter - and reduce the impact of the more-relevant signs elsewhere. We also noted that the 'isolated' section of Hunts Cross Avenue, accessed via Orient Drive and Hollytree Road, is to remain at 30mph, even though it will be completely surrounded by roads subject to a 20mph limit. As a consequence, we lodged a formal objection to the TRO (see below for details).

We anticipate that the final decision will be taken by the Council's Traffic & Highways Representations Committee, and we would welcome members' views.

You can find copies of the City Council's documents here:

TRO Notice (including list of streets)

Area 3 Plan (complete)

Area 3 Schedules & Delegated Authority Report

You can read the text of our objection, and the Council's response, here:

Our Email of
14 April 2016

Amey's Email of
22 April 2016

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