News Extra: Our Objection to the 20mph Scheme TRO

TRO Ref. 9044A/TM 3337/2081.96

Thursday, 14 April, 2016

Dear Mr Basnett,

The City Council of Liverpool (Area 3) (Various Roads) (Revocation and
Twenty Miles Per Hour Speed Limit Zone) Order, 2016 (Ref: - LS/RT/NRB/TRO
9044A/TM 3337/2081.96).

On behalf of the Gateacre Society, I am writing to submit a formal objection
to the above Traffic Regulation Order. While we have no objection to the
principle of a 20mph Zone, we feel that the way in which it is being
implemented in our area is less than ideal. In particular we feel that it
will lead to a proliferation of signage which will detract from the street
scene, confuse motorists and, in some cases, cause them to drive faster
(rather than slower) than they otherwise would have done.

Our concerns were brought to the attention of the City Council's Road Safety
Team during the public consultation phase, and we are disappointed to find
that so little regard appears to have been given to them. The Liverpool
20mph Scheme web page states that "All residents within their specific area
will be fully consulted on the scheme before the scheme starts on site", but
the 'Delegated Authority Report' which has been issued in lieu of a
Statement of Reasons does not mention the Gateacre Society as a consultee;
nor does it include our proposal among the "Alternative options considered
and rejected".

In summary, this is what we said (email to Jayne Black, LCC Road Safety, 16
Feb 2016):
"The Gateacre Society's Committee has discussed the matter and I can confirm
that we agree with the retention of the 30mph limit on Grange Lane. However
we also feel that the 'random mixing' of 20mph and 30mph limits within an
area is not a good idea; it will be confusing to drivers, difficult to
enforce, and lead to an unsightly and expensive proliferation of signage. We
feel that it would be pointless to introduce 20mph limits on cul-de-sacs off
Grange Lane (i.e. York Cottages, The Paddock, Gateacre Rise, Chartmount Way,
Grange Weint, Elmsfield Close) where it is effectively impossible for people
to drive above this speed. Conversely, it would be pointless to allow the
speed limit on a particular road to remain at 30mph if the roads at each end
(or the single road it connects with, if a cul-de-sac) are subject to a
20mph limit."

(Our Newsletter Article)

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