News Extra: Our Objection to the 20mph Scheme TRO

Although, in this previous submission, we concentrated on Grange Lane, this
was only meant as an example. In response, we understand that three
cul-de-sacs - Elmsfield Close, Grange Weint and The Paddock - were removed
from the list proposed for a 20mph limit (though all of them are still
coloured red, depicting "Roads proposed to become 20mph", on the 'Final' map
that accompanies the TRO). Another pair of cul-de-sacs - Chartmount Way and
Gateacre Rise - have been kept on the 20mph list, in spite of the fact that
(in my view at least) it is very difficult for anyone to drive at over 20mph
in them. The explanation given for keeping them on the list (email to me
from Shaun Ali of Amey, 29 Mar 2016) is that "the residents are strongly in
favour of the changes". In fact I, as a resident of Chartmount Way, made
clear in my own personal online response that I am NOT in favour of a 20mph
limit being imposed if the Grange Lane limit is to remain at 30mph (which it
will). The statement by Mr Ali that all 3 of the Electronic Replies said
'yes' to the proposal is therefore misleading. In any case, in Chartmount
Way and Gateacre Rise combined, only 19 respondents are actually recorded as
saying 'yes', out of a total of 57 houses.

Here are the other cul-de-sacs, too short/narrow to physically permit
traffic to exceed 20mph, where in our view it would be pointless to spend
money on the installation of 20mph plates:

(Off Gateacre Brow)
Sandfield Road, Lower Sandfield, Dale Mews.

(Off Halewood Road)
Halewood Close, Cherry Vale, The Nook, Ribble Road.

(Off Acrefield Road)
Runnymede Close, Glenrose Road, Woolton Mount.

(Off Woolton Road)
Rosehill Court, Cabot Green

(Off Woolton Park)
Winhill, Tower Way, The Ridgeway, Longworth Way, Woolton Park Close, Mount
Park, Mount Park Court.

(Off Hunts Cross Avenue)
Glenville Close, Broad Hey Close, Meadow Hey Close.

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