News Extra: The City Council's Response to Our TRO Objection

The City Council of Liverpool Area 3 Twenty Miles Per Hour Speed Limit Zone

Friday, 22 April, 2016

From: Oliver Brown, Amey

Dear Mr Chitty
I am writing with regard to your objection to The City Council of Liverpool (Area 3) (Various Roads) (Revocation and Twenty Miles Per Hour Speed Limit Zone) Order, 2016 which you made on 14.04.16.
Firstly I believe that the omission of both Hunts Cross Avenue and Woolton Park to be an oversight. Consultation has taken place with residents of Woolton Park and the majority of respondents were in favour of the proposed 20mph speed limit. Hunts Cross Avenue was not included within the consultation exercise - I suspect that as part of this road has a 20mph speed limit on already, the remainder has been mistakenly omitted. Consultation will take place with residents of Hunts Cross Avenue shortly and should they wish to be included within the 20mph scheme we will do so. Once the Hunts Cross Avenue consultation is complete, we will legally advertise the 20mph Order for both of these roads.
When the scheme is introduce, the 20mph speed limit will be signed with a single 20mph sign along with two 30mph signs at boundary junctions. Smaller 20mph signs will then be placed on lighting columns at roughly 100m intervals on affected roads. The images below show examples of the signage which have already been introduced in the north of the city. Please note in the first image a lighting column has been used to mount the boundary 20mph / 30mph signs but in the majority of cases, there would not be a suitable lighting column near the junction so a post would be installed on both sides of the carriageway.

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