News Extra: The City Council's Response to Our TRO Objection

I have reviewed all of the roads which you have raised concerns regarding their inclusion but would comment that in most cases, during consultation on the proposals, residents of the roads have responded and the majority of those replies received were in favour of the introduction of a 20mph speed limit on their roads. Given the support of residents we would not look to exclude these roads from the 20mph scheme.
As with any scheme, we can only consider the views of the residents who reply to the consultation - it is not possible to infer any opinion of a resident who does not reply. In the example you gave of Chartmount Way and Gateacre Rise, whilst 19 respondents of 57 houses were in favour of the proposals, this is 19 out of 20 respondents. We cannot assume the remaining 37 property owners are for or against the proposals.

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