News Extra: The City Council's Response to Our TRO Objection

Looking through the roads you suggested, six roads did not have a majority of respondents supporting the proposed 20mph restrictions. These roads are as follows:
Cabot Green
Lower Sandfield
Mount Park
The Ridgeway
Woolton Mount
With the lack of support on Cabot Green and Woolton Mount we will not proceed with introducing the 20mph speed limit in either.
Winhill, The Ridgeway and Mount Park are all side roads off Woolton Park. Should a 20mph restriction be introduced on Woolton Park repeater signs would be erected on lighting columns on Woolton Park and possibly on some of the side roads. Omitting the side roads but including Woolton Park would lead to the erection of more 20/30mph terminal signage on each of the junctions. As such it is proposed that the 20mph speed limit proceeds on these roads.
Similarly on Lower Sandfield; here there was no majority for or against the proposed 20mph restriction. Given we propose to include Sandfield Road as 20mph as residents of the road along with Dale Mews supported their inclusion; to exclude Lower Sandfield would require additional signage. It is therefore proposed that the 20mph limit is introduced in Lower Sandfield.
As previously stated by my colleague Shaun Ali, Elmsfield Close, Grange Weint and the Paddock have been removed from the scheme but I would add that York Cottages is not included either.
I hope that this explains the scheme and would ask, if you are happy with the explanation given, and the proposed omissions / inclusions to the scheme, you would consider removing your objection.
If you would not like to remove your objection, a Traffic and Highways Representations Committee meeting will be held to review your concerns and determine if the scheme should be taken any further.
If you would like to discuss your concerns further please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to meet you on site if you think that would be beneficial.
Oliver Brown

Senior Engineer | Traffic | Consulting & Strategic Infrastructure

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