Planning application 15F/2296 was finally given the go-ahead by the City Council's Planning Committee on 11th October. We had objected to the proposed three-storey apartment block because of its impact on properties in Halewood Road - notably the Brown Cow's beer garden - and what we considered to be its incongruous design: a 'building on stilts' supported in part by the unattractive metal-roofed shed in Lower Sandfield. The Council's planning officers, however, disagreed with us, saying that the proposed 'oversail' by the upper floors 'adds an interesting design feature to the scheme'.

Elevations of the proposed Block 2, Brewery Gardens (Planning application 15F/2296 as approved)

© Atelier 2 Architects Ltd, Liverpool L1 5AQ

Above: North elevation
Above right: South elevation

Above: West elevation          Below: East elevation

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