The Byron Court Management Company have argued that "the Gateacre Society has been canvassing for support, rather than there being a general public outcry regarding any potential loss of access". We know that, in fact, this Public Right of Way was in regular use by literally hundreds of local residents going about their lawful business, until the wall was built in March 2016. People living in Glenacres, Hollytree Road and elsewhere are currently unable (except by means of a lengthy and uncomfortable detour via Woolton Mount, or an even longer detour via Woolton Hill Road or Mount Street) to reach Reynolds Park, the post box in Woolton Park, St Mary's RC Church, St Peter's Church, Bishop Martin School, etc., while people living in the Woolton Park area - including, no doubt, some of the residents of Byron Court itself - face similar detours if they want to reach the Acrefield Road bus stops or the shops and other amenities of Woolton Village.

You can download a copy of the Definitive Map Modification Order and a copy of the DMMO Notice from our BoxCom filestore. Any representations must be sent to Jeanette McLoughlin, City Solicitor, Liverpool City Council (email by 20th January 2017.

You can read more about our Right of Way Claim elsewhere on our website:
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May 2016 Glenacres: A Lost Public Right of Way

You can download Liverpool City Council Report RS/450/16 (excluding Appendices)

and Appendix 7 (Landowner Evidence Forms) from our BoxCom filestore.

You can also download a copy of LCC Planning Committee Agenda Report A7
(29 Feb 2000).
This was the planning permission (ref. 99P/1289) that authorised the building of what became Byron Court.

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