A year ago, a section of sandstone wall collapsed, alongside the public passageway linking Gateacre Brow with Chartmount Way. The City Council had previously felled four trees adjacent to the wall, and the collapse seems to have been due to a combination of their roots having undermined it and their removal having exposed it to the full force of the wind.

We had always assumed that the trees were Council-owned, and that the Council would take responsibility for rebuilding the wall. However, the Council has adamantly refused to admit liability. We sent evidence to the Chief Executive, indicating that the wall was part of the Gateacre Grange estate and - along with the adjacent passageway - passed to the Council in the late 1960s following the completion of the Chartmount Way/Gateacre Rise estate. He has rejected this, and claims that the trees belonged to a defunct company called Chartmount Ltd and the wall belongs to the owners of York Cottages.

The rebuilding of the wall is now underway, paid for by Mr Jackson whose garden wall it is. The stonemason is David Churchill, who has worked in Gateacre before, and he is doing an excellent job.

The passageway in April 2014, looking towards Chartmount Way

The same view in January 2015, following the collapse of the wall

David Churchill at work in January 2016

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