Some other items from our January Newsletter

Shortly before Christmas, Simon O'Brien published his Interim Report on the future of green and open spaces in Liverpool (see our March 2015
Newsletter). Copies can be downloaded from the City Council's website - click on the image below - and comments are currently being invited.

Local residents were shocked to witness the felling of a large horse chestnut tree in the car park of the former Grange Manor/Crying Tree pub on 14th January. They - and we - were under the impression that it was covered by a Tree Preservation Order, but the City Council's Planning Department has since confirmed that no TPO existed on this site (only on the nearby Grange Hollies site). As mentioned at our talk in November 2015, the Crying Tree building - which is Grade II Listed - has recently changed hands, and proposals for its future are awaited.

The felled tree was the one on the left in the above photograph (taken in October 2015).

The Marquess of Salisbury's surveyor tells us that he has met with the City Council, and an agent for the developers, and has agreed terms for relaxing the covenant on the former Gateacre Comp site. Meanwhile the Countryside Properties website advertises the housing development as 'coming soon', and invites prospective purchasers to register their interest.

Read about the Former Gateacre Comprehensive School Site
planning application decision
, and the public consultation
which preceded it.


Urban Regen Ltd - the company engaged by Countryside Properties to make the land ready for development - have announced that they will be on site from 1st February 2016 and that the Site Preparation Works will commence on 4th February. Duration of the remediation phase is stated as 28 weeks, with Countryside Properties Ltd taking over management of the site after 12 weeks. Members of the Urban Regen and Countryside Properties teams will be in attendance at a 'drop-in' session on Tuesday 2nd February, 6pm-8pm at the Gateacre Institute, Grange Lane, to answer residents' questions.

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