'Development Site For Sale' is the message currently displayed on the Bridge Inn on Childwall Valley Road. There has been a pub in this location - its name derived from Naylor's Bridge on the other side of the road - for over 150 years, but it has now closed down and is awaiting demolition. Planning permission has been granted for a small supermarket on the site - as foreshadowed in our October 2015
Newsletter - and a developer is currently being sought to implement this.

The present building is an attractive example of 1930s architecture, designed by Harold Hinchcliffe Davies (1900-1960) who grew up in Orient Drive, Woolton. However, attempts to have it designated as a Listed Building and/or an Asset of Community Value failed. When it was built for Messrs Higsons in 1938, as a 'luxurious hotel', the site was envisaged as a major road junction, being the intersection of the new Childwall Valley Road (which was intended to continue as far as Warrington) and Kings Drive (i.e. the proposed Liverpool and Merseyside Outer Circle route from Garston to Crosby). Neither of these road schemes, however, was completed.

The Bridge Inn, March 2017
Images © Mike Chitty, The Gateacre Society

For more information on what is proposed for the site, please refer to the links on our October 2015 news page
, or download (left-click) the Planning Officer's report as presented to Liverpool City Council's Planning Committee on 22 November 2016

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