The black-and-white building on the corner of Sandfield Road, originally built in 1891 as a telephone exchange and shops, was sold at auction in December 2016. The new owners, Karl Winter and Phil Melia, have recently given members of the Gateacre Society's committee a tour of the building, and explained to us their plans for the future. They have submitted an application for planning permission (ref.17F/1386) and listed building consent (17L/1387) to convert the upper floors - plus the rear part of the ground floor - into 5 flats, with 5 car parking spaces laid out in the yard at the rear. The front part of the ground floor will remain in business use, and no significant changes are planned to the outside appearance of the building.

We have expressed concern about the car parking situation, and have suggested that just 3 or 4 flats would be more appropriate. We have also asked for more detailed information on the proposal to be made available, so that local residents are in a better position to comment. Meanwhile we hope to assist the owners in finding a solution to the longstanding problem of damage to the building from passing lorries, whose drivers regularly misjudge the extent of the overhang as they turn into Sandfield Road.

Elsewhere on our website you can read about the history of
28a-d Gateacre Brow
and also the history of the next-door property, 28 Gateacre Brow

FOR MORE INFORMATION about local planning applications and how to submit comments, phone Liverpool City Council on 0151 233 3021 or, for guidance on using the Planning Explorer system, visit

To view the submitted drawings and other documents relating to Liverpool planning applications, visit the Liverpool Planning Explorer website

and enter the relevant reference (e.g. 17F/1386) into the Application Number box. Then click on the 'Search' button. When details of the application appear, click on the application number - in the left-hand column - to reach the 'Details Page for Planning Application'. For a copy of the application form, drawings, etc., click on 'Related Documents' (at the bottom of the page). To view any of the PDF files listed, right-click on the Document Name and download/save the file in the usual way. To submit comments to the Liverpool City Council Planning Department, click on 'Add Comments Here' to the right of the 'Comments Until' date. Or you can email your comments to , making sure that you quote your name, your postal address and the Application Number.

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