Some other items from our January Newsletter

BUS ROUTES 173 & 174
We have suggested to Merseytravel that route 173 should be diverted so as to travel along Gateacre Park Drive (past the Gateacre Comp housing development site and the Aldi store) rather than along Childwall Park Avenue. We have also suggested that an extra bus stop for the 174 should be provided in Grange Lane, as at present there is a 1,000yd gap between the Grange Hollies stop and the one in Belle Vale Road. The initial response was not favourable - we were told that the diversion of the 173 "would impact on the bus service provision for communities in the Childwall Park Avenue area so would not be possible", and that the provision of more stops on Grange Lane has "not been possible [owing to the] various restrictions which we have to adhere to" - but we are asking for this to be reconsidered.


The 'Liverpool City Council Definitive Map and Statement Modification No.5 Order 2016' was published on 8th December 2016, in respect of the footpath from Acrefield Road to Woolton Park via Glenacres and Byron Court. As mentioned in our last Newsletter, representations were invited - with a closing date of 20th January. We know that many local residents have written to the City Solicitor in support of the Order, which - if confirmed - will establish the path as a Public Right of Way. Both the Gateacre Society and the Woolton Society have submitted statements emphasising the importance of the route in terms of access to local facilities including Reynolds Park, bus stops and churches.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Right of Way Order, and to download various documents relevant to our claim, please visit our December 2016 News Extra page. For a copy of the Gateacre Society's submission in respect of the Order, please visit our special Public Rights of Way web pages.

Sunday 19th March,
2.30 p.m.
'History of Liverpool Botanic Garden'
by Stephen Lyus.
Further details in our next Newsletter.

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