Some other items from our November Newsletter

Everyone enjoyed themselves - thanks, at least in part, to the refreshments and the quiz! - on 28th October. Several matters of local concern were brought to our attention, for discussion by the Committee.

Our appeal for new members resulted in three people - Sue Coldwell, Geraldine McAndrew and John Wood - being elected to the Committee for the first time.

One of our longest-serving Committee members, Beryl Plent, has recently had to stand down owing to ill health. Beryl's designation as an Honorary Life Member of the Society, in recognition of her many years of service as Membership Secretary and Local History Secretary, was greeted with spontaneous applause at the A.G.M.

In our March 2018
Newsletter, we reported that the City Council had refused retrospective planning permission for the erection of a black-and-gold fence and gates at 82 Childwall Lane.  The owners of the property subsequently appealed against the decision, and the Government-appointed Planning Inspector has now published his report.

In dismissing the appeal, and ratifying the Council's decision to refuse planning permission, the Inspector has condemned the fence in no uncertain terms. In his decision letter of 17th September, he describes it as "an incongruous feature in the street-scene that is wholly at odds with the prevailing character of the area". He also points out that it has "resulted in an impenetrable visual barrier that obstructs views along the road into the important landscape of Childwall Woods".

Right: Photographs of the fence and gates in November 2017

Read the Planning Inspector's decision letter (September 2018)

Read the LCC Planning Officer's Report
(Jan.2018) on application 17H/3229

View the submitted planning application documents

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