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With charitable funding now harder to come by, the Friends of Gateacre have been reviewing their plans for the spring and summer of 2018. For 13 years now, Gateacre Village has been brightened-up by tubs and planters paid for by the Friends. If this is to continue, then more volunteers are needed to look after them, and in particular to keep the plants watered during dry spells. Local businesses are also being asked to contribute financially. If you would like to help in any way, please come to the next FOG meeting - at the Black Bull on 30th January, 4pm - or contact the Chair,

For more information visit the special FOG page on our website

Our Committee regularly examines the weekly lists of local planning applications, and submits comments to Liverpool City Council's Planning Department when we consider it necessary. We rarely comment on proposals outside the Gateacre Village Conservation Area, unless they affect green spaces, trees or listed buildings. However two recent exceptions have been the following:

1. Application 17H/2902 for extensions to 'Treeside', 27 Acrefield Road.

2. Application 17H/3229 for new fence panels and gates at 82 Childwall Lane.

In both cases we submitted an objection, on the grounds that the proposals were out of keeping with the character of their surroundings, and approval might set a precedent for other parts of our area.

The first application (which also attracted objections from several local residents) was refused by the Council in November.

The second application (which is for retrospective approval of black-and-gold panels already installed) is currently awaiting a decision.

Above: Treeside, Acrefield Road, in November 2017

Below: Image of proposed Treeside front elevation
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Right: The new fence and gates at 82 Childwall Lane, Liverpool, in November 2017

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