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A Reminder
Seemingly minor changes can have a significant impact on the local street-scene - and the wider environment - which is why many of them are subject to planning control. Liverpool City Council takes enforcement action when necessary, but this process is often lengthy - meaning that neighbours and contractors are sometimes unaware of it until the work eventually has to be undone (or re-done).

In particular, it should be noted that planning permission is needed to construct a new wall or fence higher than one metre if it is next to a public highway, or two metres elsewhere. And permission is also needed to pave over a front garden, if the material used is impermeable, covers more than 5 sq.metres, and does not provide for the water to run to a permeable area such as a lawn or border.

Advice on such planning matters can be obtained from the Council by phoning 0151 233 3021

Read the Planning Portal's advice on:

Paving your front garden

Fences, gates and garden walls

Other common projects


The Friends of Gateacre continue to maintain the planters in and around the village centre, and to organise 'clean-up' sessions to clear litter and weeds from our local streets. New recruits are always welcome; for details email

The next Clean-up Day is on Saturday 28th March, and anyone willing to volunteer is invited to assemble outside the Black Bull pub at 10 a.m.

Read about the FRIENDS OF GATEACRE on our special web pages

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