New wooden poles have started appearing on the streets of Gateacre (and elsewhere) as BT strives to extend its fibre broadband network to every house.  In response to a notice displayed on a lamp-post in Gateacre Brow, we contacted the 'BT Pole Objection Team' to find out why such a profusion of poles and overhead wires was necessary. The initial response was "we only put up poles where we absolutely have to" - and one of these places, they said, was the top end of Gateacre Brow. When we pointed out that it was in a Conservation Area, and they'd need to apply for planning permission, they had a re-think: "The notice now no longer applies as we have found an Underground solution and therefore will not be putting up the pole".

Meanwhile the expansion of 5G mobile phone coverage into our area continues. On 2nd June, the Council's Planning Committee gave permission for a 20 metre high mast at the junction of Blackwood Avenue and Woolton Road (as mentioned in our September 2019
Newsletter) The same network operators (EE/Three) have now applied for a further mast (though 'only' 19 metres high) adjacent to Othello's Restaurant in Gateacre Park Drive: application ref 20PT/1407. They are proposing to retain the existing 10 metre 4G mast alongside, arguing that its removal "would result in a loss of service to existing customers". We have asked why its functions cannot be incorporated in the new mast. We have also drawn attention to the out-of-date address list which the Council has used for consultation, and asked that the residents of Tollgate Close (Falstaff site) and some of the new houses on the former Gateacre Comp site should be invited to comment on the proposal.

Left: Gateacre Park Drive, June 2020, showing the existing 4G mast in front of the Aldi supermarket

Below: One of the drawings submitted with planning application 20PT/1407, showing the proposed 5G mast in relation to the existing mast

Above: The BT notice displayed in Gateacre Brow, April-May 2020.
(Surprisingly, for a telecoms organisation, no phone number or email address was quoted)

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