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"We are now in the last six months of the development of Brewery Gardens.  The apartment block is built and work is continuing internally.

"Externally, the cladding is being added, according to planning approval and specification. The timber from the insulating panels has been covered with a sheathing board. This provides an element of weather proofing but more importantly, it is a fire-proofing material. The final finish is a standing seam metal finish, which is what is being fitted at the moment. These sheets will be cut back and then folded over the top of the parapet wall. The white background with the red symbol on it is a protective plastic coating which will be peeled off when installation is completed to reveal the dark grey approved colour.

"The sheathing boards have been visible for quite some time because we have had to go to a lot of effort to find a product which fulfilled our requirements and met planning approval, particularly after the Grenfell Tower disaster. The final external finish will be revealed when the protective plastic coating is removed next month.

"We are going to have the four cottages, which can be seen from Lower Sandfield, painted in August to enhance them, and will endeavour to finish Brewery Gardens with some small shrubs if there is room. Hopefully by Christmas, our project will be completed."

Sue Friar and her husband are the owners of Brewery Gardens (formerly the site of Clegg's Felt Factory) off Gateacre Brow. Elsewhere on our website you can read her previous Progress Report (Mar.2012) and our report on the City Council's approval
of the amended Brewery Gardens plans
(Nov.2016) (Applicatiion Ref.15F/2296)

Left: Brewery Gardens, viewed from Sandfield Road, June 2020
© Mike Chitty, The Gateacre Society

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Local historian Alan David Wilson is about to publish a new book. The subject is the very distinctive, castellated house in Woolton Park (just opposite the rear entrance to Reynolds Park) known as 'Woolton Tower'. The number to be printed depends on the number of orders received. If you are interested in buying one (at £10, plus £2.50 postage) please phone the author on 07717 216018, or email
your contact details to us and we'll pass them on.

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