Some other items from our October Newsletter

The Society's Committee has reluctantly decided that subscription rates will have to be increased. The current rates, unchanged since 2006, sometimes don't cover the cost of posting the Newsletter. Fortunately, over 50% of our members opt for email dispatch, so we've been able to avoid an unduly large increase. The new rates (introduced on 1st July) are as follows: £4 for a single pensioner, £5 for any other type of household, and £10 for a 'company' member (business, school, etc.). We continue to invite members to pay for 3 years at a time. Existing members who have already paid in advance will, of course, not have to pay any more until their subscription becomes due for renewal.

The new membership year starts on 1st November. For details of how to join the Society, please download
a copy of our 2020/21 membership leaflet, or visit page 3 of our website.

On 6th October, the new Gateacre Village defibrillator (see our November 2019 Newsletter) was 'unveiled'. It is the yellow box on the wall adjacent to the Care Pharmacy at 183 Grange Lane.

The planters in the village centre have been maintained by the Friends of Gateacre volunteers throughout the spring and summer. We are pleased to report that they have successfully applied for grant aid to replace some of the half-barrels, and the new containers should be in place quite soon.

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