When the new Aldi supermarket was opened in Gateacre Park Drive in 2014, we commemorated the 40th birthday of the Gateacre Society by installing a plaque and a time capsule within the landscaped area in front of the store. We are therefore particularly disappointed at the subsequent neglect of this area. Sections of the wooden boundary rail have rotted away, and the originally-planted shrubs are now interspersed with rampant weeds including horsetails and convolvulus.

Last November we contacted the company's Property Director - with whom we had liaised very successfully at the time of the store's construction - and he replied: "Not a problem, I've passed it on to the individual in charge and she'll get it sorted asap". As yet, there is no sign of any remedial work being carried out, but we remain hopeful that something will be done before the weed growth re-commences.

Above: Photographs of the neglected landscaping,
Gateacre Park Drive, July & November 2019

© Mike Chitty, The Gateacre Society

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