Our next talk (on Zoom):
by David Hearn
Monday 18th January, 7.30 p.m.

Photo: 'Capturing a U-boat'

The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest and most complicated campaign of the Second World War. It started within hours of the declaration of war in September 1939 and only finished with the German surrender in May 1945. The battle involved personnel from the Navy, Army and Air Force, together with an extraordinary number of civilians.

David Hearn describes the story of the battle as "one painted on a huge canvas". "My talk can only tell parts of that story but it does, hopefully, make the point that it was the most important campaign of the war. Without the involvement of Liverpool on many levels - including civilians who've never really received the recognition that they deserve - victory in the Second World War would not have been possible."

This is a 'members only' meeting. If you are a Gateacre Society member and wish to attend the talk, please email us and we'll send you the necessary link (plus guidance notes, in case you're new to Zoom).

Please note that, if you attended our previous Zoom event - Ken Pye's December talk on 'Ancient Liverpool and Its Seven Streets', which was advertised to members by email rather than by Newsletter - there's no need to contact us; you'll automatically be sent a link for this one.

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