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List of Appendices submitted by the
BYRON COURT (LIVERPOOL) MANAGEMENT CO LTD regarding the Glenacres / Byron Court Right of Way (PROW No.77)

On 13th October 2017 the Planning Inspectorate told us that our Right of Way Claim in respect of the path from Acrefield Road to Woolton Park, via Glenacres and Byron Court, is to be the subject of a Public Inquiry - starting on 27th March 2018. The venue will be Woolton Golf Club, and anyone with a view to express will be invited to attend.

The Byron Court (Liverpool) Management Company Ltd is objecting to our claim, and has submitted a Statement of Case along with numerous Appendices. You can view the BCLMC's STATEMENT OF CASE, in our filestore, and you can find the Appendices (prefixed A-D), here:
Appendix A
  Appendix B  Appendix C  Appendix D(1-10)  Appendix D11

Here is a detailed list of Appendices C & D:

C1 - Appendix C page 1  Gateacre Society web page news16/pag33
C2 - Appendix C page 2  OS Map 1971
C3 - Appendix C page 3  Gateacre Society web page prow/page7
C4 - Appendix C page 4-6  Letter from Gateacre Society to Brian Mason 2002
C5 - Appendix C page 7-8  Letter from Brian Mason to Gateacre Society 2002
C6 - Appendix C page 9  Ramblers web page viewed 15/01/17

D1 - Appendix D page 1-5  Woolton Society Newsletter dated 6/1/79
D2 - Appendix D page 6-9  Woolton Society Newsletter dated 9/2/82
D3 - Appendix D page 10-13  Gateacre Society Spring Newsletter 1980
D4 - Appendix D page 14-18  Gateacre Society Spring Newsletter 1982
D5 - Appendix D page 19-22  Woolton Society Newsletter dated 10/3/81
D6 - Appendix D page 23-27  Woolton Society Newsletter dated 1/3/79
D7 - Appendix D page 28-31  Gateacre Society Spring Newsletter 1980
D8 - Appendix D page 32-35  Gateacre Society AGM Minutes 28/10/80
D9 - Appendix D page 36-38  Woolton Society AGM Minutes 8/10/79
D10 - Appendix D page 39-41  Woolton Society Newsletter 30/1/80

D11 - Appendix D11 page 1-6  Gateacre Society Newsletter Summer 1981

Appendices A & B

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