The Planning Officer's Report,
October 2001

11 - (i) The approved landscaping scheme shall be completed either (i) not later than the first planting season following completion of the development or (ii) during the appropriate planting season progressively as the development proceeds, in accordance with a programme to be agreed in writing with the local planning authority.

(ii) Any trees or shrubs which die, become diseased, damaged or are removed within 3 years of planting shall be replaced with trees and shrubs of similar sizes and species or as may otherwise be agreed with the local planning authority in the first available planting season thereafter, all works to be carried out to BS 4428: 1989 "Code of Practice for General Landscape Operation".

REASON: It is in the interests of visual amenity and in accordance with the duty of the Council under section 197 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 in respect of the planting and preservation of trees.

12 - The residential accommodation hereby approved shall be acoustically insulated prior to the occupation of any of the units commencing in accordance with a detailed scheme to be submitted and approved by the local planning authority prior to works commencing on site, and sound mitigation must take the form of a package of acoustic treatment to the windows of all habitable rooms in accordance with the specifications contained within the Noise Insulation Regulations 1975, or double glazing having panes of 6mm and 10mm thickness and a minimum gap of 12mm between, together with the provision of a scheme of acoustically attenuated mechanical ventilation, to remove the need to open windows for rapid ventilation, which complies with the performance requirements of the Noise Insulation Regulations 1975.

REASON: It is in the interests of the amenity of residential occupiers.

13 - In so far as this permission relates to the provision of A3 uses, the premises shall be acoustically insulated in accordance with a scheme to be submitted to and approved by the local planning authority (in consultation with the Council's Environmental Health Service) which shall be installed to their satisfaction prior to the use hereby permitted commencing and, for the avoidance of doubt, this shall include the provision of noise limiting devices attached to all amplified equipment to control the emission of sound levels both within and from the building, and for the avoidance of doubt, the noise generated within this area does not give rise to noise levels within habitable rooms in the building which exceeds NR30 and all extract ducts must be acoustically insulated and acoustically isolated from associated fans and the building structure,

REASON: It is in the interests of the amenity of the occupiers of the residential accommodation within the building and the occupiers of adjacent premises.

14 - In so far as this permission relates to the provision of all A3 uses within different elements of the development hereby approved, appropriate fume extraction and mechanical ventilation systems shall be installed and operating to the satisfaction of the local planning authority (in consultation with the: Council's Environmental Health Service) prior to the use of the premises hereby permitted commencing.

REASON: In the interests of the amenity of adjacent occupiers.

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