List of WAVERTREE Pictures

These pictures appear, with descriptive captions, in the book 'Wavertree'
by Mike Chitty and David Farmer (Tempus Publishing 2004). For details visit

Page Subject
p2a Sandown Lane
p6a Map of Wavertree
p10a Picton Clock Tower
p11a Picton Clock Tower
p11b Picton Clock Tower
p12a Picton Clock Tower
p12b Picton Clock Tower
p13a The Lamb High Street
p13b 105 High Street
p14a Smallest House in England
p14b Smallest House in England
p14c 95 High Street
p15 Smallest House in England
p16a Wavertree Town Hall
p16b Wavertree Town Hall
p17a 75-85 High Street
p17b Hicks bakery 83 High Street
p18a Hicks bread van North Drive
p18b Chesnut Grove
p19a Our Lady of Good Help church Chesnut Grove
p19b Our Lady's Presbytery Chesnut Grove
p20a Old Post Office High Street
p20b Broughtons 33 High Street
p21a 17-21 High Street
p21b High Street
p22a 199-201 Picton Road
p22b 47-51 High Street
p23 Police Station High Street
p24a Grove Terrace High Street
p24b Quilliams 64 High Street
p25a Parrs Bank 70 High Street
p25b Pye Street
p26 Tram lines High Street
p27a Greenwoods 72 High Street
p27b 96-102a High Street
p28a Whites 108 High Street
p28b Carlins 2 Church Road North
p30 Wavertree Lock-up
p31a Wavertree Lock-up
p31b Wavertree Lock-up
p32a Wavertree Lake
p32b Wavertree Lake
p33a Wavertree Lake
p33b Monks Well
p34a Monks Well
p34b Monks Well
p35a Lance Lane
p35b 15 Lance Lane
p36a The Elms Lance Lane
p36b The Elms Lance Lane
p37a Cenacle Convent
p37b Cenacle Convent
p38a Earle FC team
p38b Liverpool Greys baseball team
p39a Abbey Cinema
p39b Abbey Cinema
p40a Wavertree Mill and Quarry
p40b Wavertree Mill and Quarry
p41a Wavertree Mill
p41b Wavertree Mill
p42a Wavertree Mill
p42b Wavertree Mill
p44a Mill Lane
p44b Olive Mount Mill Lane
p45a Wavertree Cottage Homes Olive Mount
p45b Newstead 14 Old Mill Lane
p46a Newstead 14 Old Mill Lane
p46b Valencia House Mill Lane
p47a Sandown Hall
p47b Highfield and Selside Olive Lane
p48a Sandown Hall
p48b Sandown Hall
p49a Olive Lane
p49b Olive Grove
p50a Olive Mount Cutting
p50b Sandyknowe Mill Lane
p51a Raymond Lodge Long Lane
p51b Long Lane
p52a First National Standard pillar box Sandown Lane
p52b Sandown Lane
p53a Sandown Terrace Sandown Lane
p53b North Drive Victoria Park
p54a St Marys Church Sandown Park
p54b St Marys Church Sandown Park
p55a Mabel Fletcher College
p55b Mabel Fletcher College
p56a South Drive Victoria Park
p56b Rose Leigh 15 South Drive
p58a Wavertree Playground alias The Mystery
p58b Wavertree Playground
p59a Wavertree Playground
p59b Wavertree Playground
p60a Wavertree Playground
p60b Boundary stones Wavertree Playground
p61a Wartime agriculture Wavertree Playground
p61b Royal Agricultural Show Wavertree Playground
p62a Royal Agricultural Show Wavertree Playground
p62b Wavertree Gardens FC team
p63a Hope Cottage Wavertree Playground
p63b Church Stile House Prince Alfred Road
p64a Prince Alfred Road
p64b Victoria Terrace Prince Alfred Road
p65a Blue Coat School
p65b Blue Coat School
p66a Blue Coat School
p66b Blue Coat School
p67a Blue Coat School
p67b Blue Coat School
p68a Holy Trinity Church
p68b Holy Trinity Church
p69a Holy Trinity Church
p69b Holy Trinity School Prince Alfred Road
p70a Wavertree Hall Church Road North
p70b Wavertree Hall Church Road North
p71a Baths and Library Picton Road
p71b Wellington Road/ Picton Road
p72a Rose Villa 242 Picton Road
p72b Richard Bottrill at 242 Picton Road
p73 Crooks bakery 102 Wellington Road
p74a Wavertree Steam Mills Wellington Road
p74b Wavertree Station Wellington Road
p76 Penny Lane/ Smithdown Place
p77a Penny Lane/ Smithdown Place
p77b Heathfield Road
p78a Mayfield 2 Church Road
p78b Atkinsons dairy Heathfield Road
p79 Tram sheds Smithdown Road
p80a Hargreaves 611 Smithdown Road
p80b Brook House Smithdown Road
p81a Lidderdale Road
p81b Ferndale Road
p82a 423-431 Smithdown Road
p82b Brookdale Road
p83a Brookdale Road/ Smithdown Road
p83b Avondale Road
p84a Gregson Memorial Institute Garmoyle Road
p84b 397-407 Smithdown Road
p85a Kenmare Road
p85b Trotters 371 Smithdown Road
p86a 349-357 Smithdown Road
p86b Gainsborough Road
p87a 331-341 Smithdown Road
p87b Woodcroft Road
p88a Portman Road
p88b Egerton Road
p89a Langton Road
p89b 37-45 Lawrence Road
p90a St Bridgets Church Bagot Street
p90b Swimming Squadron St Bridgets Church
p91a Boundary markers Wavertree Park
p91b Leigh Arms Picton Road
p92a 50-60 Picton Road
p92b Lumleys 68 Picton Road
p93a Radforths 106 Picton Road
p93b Ashfield
p94a Ash Grove
p94b Wavertree Vale
p95a Macdonald Street
p95b Fletchers 172 Picton Road
p96 Jacksons 204 Picton Road
p97a Taunton Street
p97b Hey Green Road School
p98a 129-137 Picton Road
p98b Westdale Road
p100a Nook Rise
p100b Garden Suburb from Childwall Road
p101a 9-21 Wavertree Nook Road
p101b Nook Rise/ Wavertree Nook Road
p102a Thingwall Road
p102b Houses under construction Thingwall Road
p103a Sports day Garden Suburb
p103b Tennis courts Garden Suburb
p104 Garden Suburb Institute Thingwall Road
p105a North Way alias Southway
p105b North Way alias Southway
p106a Proposed layout Garden Suburb
p106b 34-35 North Way alias Southway
p107 Martin family 13 North Way alias Southway
p108a Nook Rise
p108b Nook Rise
p109a 44/46 Wavertree Nook Road
p109b Shops Wavertree Nook Road
p110a Heywood Road
p110b Fieldway
p111a Queens Drive
p111b Queens Drive
p112a Stonelaying ceremony Queens Drive
p112b Stonelaying ceremony Queens Drive
p114a Prince Alfred's visit High Street
p114b Empire Day Northway School
p115a Empire Day Lawrence Road School
p115b May Day Lawrence Road School
p116a May Day Thingwall Road
p116b Summer Festival Garden Suburb
p117a Summer Festival Fieldway
p117b Morris dancers Fieldway
p118a Summer Festival Fieldway
p118b Pageant Fieldway
p119a Floral Queen Festival programme Garden Suburb
p119b Floral Queen Nora Lawson Garden Suburb
p120 1929 Festival Garden Suburb
p121a Floral Queen Freda Smith Thingwall Road
p121b Dowager Queen Freda Smith Garden Suburb
p122a Floral Queen Pauline Littlewood Garden Suburb
p122b Floral Queen Joan Allen Garden Suburb
p123a Floral Queen Marie Henry Garden Suburb
p123b 1938 Festival Garden Suburb
p124a 1938 Festival Garden Suburb
p124b Floral Queen Zena Holland Garden Suburb
p125a Railway pageant Wavertree Playground
p125b Railway pageant Wavertree Playground
p126a Silver Jubilee Northway School
p126b Silver Jubilee Granard Road
p127a VE Day party Wavertree Nook Road
p127b Wakes Fayre Mill Lane

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