George Harrison's birthplace

Other shops used to exist on the opposite side of the High Street, but these were demolished many years ago. Earlier still, the Lamb had a bowling green and quoiting ground beyond the stable yard, but by 1900 both of these had been built on. The small houses just visible to the rear of the modern workshop premises are in Arnold Grove. One of them - No.12 - was in 1943 the birthplace of George Harrison, later to become world-famous as a member of the Beatles. Not surprisingly, in view of the fact that his family was rehoused in Speke when he was just 6 years old, George's memories of Wavertree are limited, but he has written: "It was OK that house ... Outside there was a little yard ... and for a period of time we had a little henhouse where we kept cockerels".

The above is an extract from 'DISCOVERING HISTORIC WAVERTREE',
. © Mike Chitty 1999.
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