Charles Taylor, miller

Look at the tall brick building - No.203 Picton Road, currently occupied by a TV rental firm - on the corner of Sandown Lane. Clearly this was at one time a warehouse: the sack loading slot is still there. Look more closely at the blind first-floor window, on the corner, and you may just be able to decipher two faded inscriptions behind the burglar-alarm box. One - in gold lettering - reads 'Francis & McKay', the bakers and confectioners, who occupied the building until the 1960s. Much older, however, is the one in brown capitals: 'Flour & Provender Dealer'. This is a reminder of the original occupier of the building: Charles Taylor, the very last tenant of Wavertree Mill.

Wavertree Mill - one of the most ancient windmills recorded in the Liverpool area - stood near Woolton Road (see Sections 10 and 11 of this walk) and operated until 1889. With the mill site having been redeveloped in 1986, this old flour warehouse is one of the last surviving relics of Charles Taylor's famous local enterprise. It is probably too much to hope that the faded inscription - in many ways a miraculous survival from the past - will remain visible for many years to come.

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. © Mike Chitty 1999.
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