Northdale Road

The first turning on the right, off Sandown Lane, is North Drive. Don't turn into North Drive just yet; it will be covered later on in the walk. Instead, cross to the other side of Sandown Lane and turn into Northdale Road. The houses here are of the standard 'bye-law' design which Liverpool house-builders built by the thousand between 1875 and 1914. Using good quality but monotonous materials imported by the trainload from the brickworks and slate quarries of North Wales, small local building firms - themselves dominated by the Welsh - covered all the open land they could find with serried ranks of solidly-built houses for the artisan and the clerk. In this case the builders were Messrs Jones & Hughes: John Jones (called 'John Jones Drinkwater' owing to his refusal to give bricklayers the customary 'price of a pint' on completing the first house in a block!) and John Hughes, both of whom came from Anglesey. The predominance of railwaymen among the early residents gave this locality its one-time nickname: 'the Railway Parish'.

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. © Mike Chitty 1999.
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