Salisbury Terrace

Walk along Northdale Road to the first cross-roads, then turn right into Eastdale Road. Twenty yards along, turn down the side-entry alongside the first terrace of houses you come to (behind the houses you have just passed in Northdale Road). Then turn left in front of the 'surprise' pair of cottage gardens.

This is one of the best-hidden corners of old Wavertree. The road which serves these semi-detached houses, together with the row of fifteen houses beyond, is called Salisbury Terrace: named, no doubt, after the Marquess of Salisbury, one-time Lord of the Manor. All of the houses are shown on the Wavertree Tithe Map of 1846, though not on Leather's map of 1836.

Until about 1910, the residents of Salisbury Terrace had unobstructed views across the grounds of a large mansion: 'Westdale House', which stood near the present junction of Rathbone Road with Sunningdale Road and had a driveway leading down to a lodge on Picton Road. Westdale House had been the home of Mr John Stock - a leading Liverpool cotton broker - but after 1910 its only relic was the name Westdale Road and all the other 'dales' nearby. This was before the days of town planning controls, and the fact that the new houses in Eastdale Road presented their backsides to the older houses in Salisbury Terrace was obviously felt to be of no consequence. A more striking example of rigid adherence to the building bye-laws - and the desire of the builders to cram as many houses as possible on to the space available - is difficult to imagine.

In 1851 Salisbury Terrace was home to a wide variety of individuals. Of the 15 heads of household recorded by the Census, 7 were retired (including one man described as a 'Chelsea Pentioner'); the others comprising 4 clerks, a bookkeeper, a chronometer maker, a linen draper and a dress maker. It will be no surprise to learn that none of them had been born in Wavertree, and only 3 were from Liverpool; the birthplaces of the rest including Derbyshire, Essex, Scotland, Ireland and Flanders!

Although similar in size to the houses of Orford Street, the houses in Salisbury Terrace have back gardens up to 75 feet in length, behind which are similar-sized gardens belonging to the much larger houses in Sandown Lane. The Tithe Map of 1846 lists the owners of Nos 1-9 as the Sandown Building Society: one of the few references to such an organisation in Wavertree at that time.

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