The Old Rectory, Church Road North

Now walk along Church Road North, across the end of the road called Wavertree Green (a 1930s revival of the name of the old common). On the opposite side of Church Road North, just to the left of Hunters Lane, the Liverpool Progressive Synagogue occupies the old Wavertree Rectory, which began life as an ordinary house in the mid eighteenth century. This must have been one of the first large houses to have been built in the neighbourhood to cater for the needs of middle-class 'immigrants' from Liverpool. It is a typical Georgian building, standing in its own grounds and with a short but sweeping driveway from the road. In the 1820s the owner seems to have been 'Benjamin Bromfield, gent.', while the 1851 Census records Alexander Sleigh - a 'cotton and general produce broker' born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs - his wife Jane and their four young children, together with a nurse, a cook and a housemaid.

The above is an extract from 'DISCOVERING HISTORIC WAVERTREE',
. © Mike Chitty 1999.
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