Dilworth's Folly

In Church Road - directly opposite the Blue Coat School - is another very impressive Edwardian building: a block of three huge, gabled houses standing between Bristol Road and Hereford Road. Officially named Dovercourt or Tudor House, this block was known to older residents of the area as 'Dilworth's Folly'.

The story goes that - when the Blue Coat School purchased its Wavertree site - two local builders, Isaac Dilworth and Charles Berrington, were determined to bid for the contract. Never having built a school before, however, they had to establish their credentials, and the way they did it was to build these huge houses facing directly across to the proposed school site. The materials used were the same as those specified for the school - red brick and green slates, with white glazed tiles used inside the wash-houses at the back - and one of the houses is said to have incorporated a sprung maple dance floor! Sad to say, Dilworth and Berrington failed to win the contract for the school, which went instead to Messrs Morrison & Sons, the Wavertree building firm which was also the main contractor for Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. Dilworth himself moved into Tudor House, and died there in 1909.

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. © Mike Chitty 1999.
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