Woolton Road

Walk down the trackway - the original cinders and bare sandstone now hidden under tarmac and concrete - on to Woolton Road, and turn right. Woolton Road is a long, straight thoroughfare dating back over 200 years. The Enclosure Map calls it "the Road from Hamiltons Fir Nook towards Gateacre"; Mrs Margaret Hamilton having owned the land (in Fir Lane) which later became Holy Trinity churchyard. Cross Woolton Road when it is safe to do so, and continue walking to the right until you reach the corner of Lance Lane. The stone wall bordering the playing-fields was presumably considered low enough to comply with the terms of the Wavertree Enclosure Act, though a smithy which once stood in this vicinity was ordered to be removed. St Stephen's United Reformed Church, on the opposite corner of Woolton Road, was originally built in 1929 by the Presbyterian Church of England.

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