Queens Drive

It was the existence of Queens Drive which helped determine the site of the Garden Suburb, for it was assumed that trams would one day run along it to take the residents to work. In fact the area originally earmarked for development straddled the Drive, and extended almost as far as Broad Green railway station.

This stretch of Queens Drive - 'Liverpool's circumferential boulevard' as it was described by its designer John Brodie - opened in 1910, just as the development of the Garden Suburb was starting. From the start it was a dual carriageway road, for Brodie - Liverpool's City Engineer from 1898 to 1926 - was exceptionally far-sighted and anticipated the growth of motor traffic. Trams never did run along it, however, and for many years residents of the Suburb had to rely on trains from Broad Green or trams from the Picton Clock.

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