Wavertree Nook

Heywood Road marks the northern boundary of the L.G.S.T. estate. The semi-detached villas on the other side of the road were built in the 1880s, long before the Garden Suburb was even contemplated. Turn left and walk towards the parade of shops, crossing over when you reach the curtain factory (originally a co-operative retail store).

The address of the shops is Wavertree Nook Road, which makes an S-bend at this point. The original Wavertree Nook - 'nook' meaning a corner - was a cluster of cottages a little further along the road to the right, in the north-easternmost corner of the old Township of Wavertree. The name survives on modern Ordnance Survey maps and the Liverpool A to Z, though the hamlet was obliterated by Council housing development over seventy years ago.

The lack of planned shops was among the few grievances of the early Garden Suburb settlers. It was left to the Toxteth Co-operative Provident Society to establish this facility - outside the official boundaries of the Suburb - in September 1914.

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