Waldgrave Road and Northway

Walk along Beechtree Road, cross over and then turn left into Waldgrave Road at the far end. The houses here were originally built in the 1920s, and some of them have had to be reconstructed in recent years owing to structural failure. Northway Primary School - which you will soon reach on the left-hand side - opened (as the Northway Council School) in 1927. That was a benefit for the residents of the Garden Suburb, for going to school had previously involved a long trek to Wavertree village or even to Smithdown Road, except for the few who attended 'temporary' classes at the Institute.

Both Mr Badger and Mr Brodie, the City Engineer, were keen on experimenting with new methods of house construction. (A brochure published in 1923 boasted that fourteen different methods of construction had so far been adopted by the Council). Looking to the left and right at the Northway crossroads you can see small groups of semis built out of concrete blocks. Cross Waldgrave Road at this point, then cross Northway and continue walking along Waldgrave Road as it climbs towards the top of Olive Mount.

The above is an extract from 'DISCOVERING HISTORIC WAVERTREE',
. © Mike Chitty 1999.
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