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The horse drawn Lune Laundry vans were always immaculate. Very dark gloss green with gold lettering and lighter green "shading" to make the letters seem to stand out solidly.

Topliss' Dairy was on Gainsborough Road, just behind a short row of 3 shops on Lawrence Road which included Reece's of the cake shop chain. The Police Station was a bit further along Lawrence Road at Lawrence Grove. St. Bridget's Church Hall was on the corner of Gainsborough Road and Boreland Bank. Boreland Bank was a short continuation of Garmoyle Road and seems to have been discontinued or obliterated and closed to traffic.. I believe that the St. Bridget's Church Hall has been demolished. On Boreland Bank there used to be a Snooker Hall that we frequented at one time. It occupied premises that were, at one time, a Methodist or similar Church.

On the south side of Lawrence Road, between Blantyre and Gainsborough roads, were several shops. They were opposite the Barracks. On the corner with Gainsborough Road was Jennings bread and cake shop which also sold biscuits. The biscuits were not pre-wrapped but came in cubic tin boxes about 10 inches each way I should think. The tin boxes were arranged in a row on a stand in front of the counter and customers cold ask for some to be taken from whichever they preferred and weighed. Although there was some "crinkly paper" padding inside the boxes some of the biscuits would often be broken. We could ask for a pennyworth of broken biscuits and hope they would be of the kind we preferred and that the tins had been roughly handled to cause more breakages..
Sadly Jennings closed and the last I remember it seemed to have been taken over by a second hand furniture shop or storage.

Next to Jennings was Walkers sweet, tobacco and newspaper shop where I bought the Wizard, the Adventure and later the Hotspur "penny dreadfuls". I think they were actually 2d. Knight the boot and shoe repairer was  there with KNIGHTS in gold letters on the window, the lower  half otherwise painted black on the inside. In those days boots and shoes were more likely to be soled and heeled with leather and would be renewed by a "cobbler" or shoe repairer. There was also a greengrocers and, on the corner with Blantyre Road, Millar's Dairy. We could take our jugs there for milk to be dispensed from a large earthenware vase-like container that stood on the marble topped counter, It always seemed to be cool in there - perhaps the stone floor helped.

On the other corner of Blantyre Road was Hillary Brown's shop. It was a taste of "haute couture" in Wavertree. It was "modern" in that the large plate glass windows reached further down to ground level without the heavier pillars or supports common in other shops. A few hats and blouses or other things attractive to women were artistically displayed in the windows. Inside, the floor was covered with a fawn to light brown carpet and there were a couple of mirrors on the cream coloured walls. I remember my mother sending me there to buy a tube of 4711 cream  (face cream I think it was) and Eau de Cologne.

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Note: You'll find photos and other memorabilia of the Lune Laundry on the Wavertree Society's special LUNE website

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