SANDOWN HALL: Still no decision

We have been informed by the Government Office for the North West that the Secretary of State (John Prescott) has received the report of the planning inspector, who in October 1998 held a public inquiry into the application for listed building consent to demolish Sandown Hall. The Secretary of State considers that he requires additional information before he can come to a decision. All those who took part in the Inquiry are being invited to make further representations by 25th January: in particular "on whether the freehold of the building has been offered for sale at a realistic price reflecting the building's condition and on whether real efforts have been made to find compatible alternative uses for the building". We believe that the answer to both of these questions is most definitely NO, and we shall be advising the Secretary of State accordingly. If you have any evidence either way, please LET US KNOW (by phoning Mike Chitty on 0151-428 7801) as soon as possible.

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