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"Dear Wavertree Society,
I was born in Wavertree (Stevenson Street) in 1936, as was my father before me. Having been gone from Liverpool for more years than I care to count, I still miss it. As I get older I realise what a great start in life one gets from having been born in that unique corner of the world."

Michael Murray (California, USA)

Our websites have been visited by more than 5,000 people since being set up just over a year ago. We now get messages (such as the one on the left, and 'Wavertree Remembered' below) from former residents - or people tracing their Wavertree ancestry - all over the world.

Wavertree Remembered
by Frank Brierton of Christchurch, New Zealand
I was born in my Grandmother's house in Macdonald Street, Wavertree in July 1946. My family left Liverpool in July 1963 for New Zealand and I have wonderful childhood memories of Wavertree.
In the late 1950's I was a paper boy working for the newsagent on High Street opposite the Lamb Inn  I was paid 16 shillings a week for morning and evening deliveries Mon-Sat and an extra 6 shillings for Sundays.
I had my first holy communion at Our Lady of Good Help Church in Chestnut Grove in 1954 and remember the May Procession when one of the older girls was Queen of the May and dressed up in a beautiful white dress with long train. One of my brothers was a page boy carrying the train. Another page boy was Tony Nolan, whose family lived in at Wavertree Town Hall. After the procession photos were taken in the Town Hall.
I also recall one of my school friends was Dominic Murphy whose father was the publican at the Rose Pub and one evening they had visitors from Ireland. Although I was quite young at the time I remember being attracted to an Irish girl dancing jigs in the back parlour!
I will never forget the street parties for the Festival of Britain in 1951 and Coronation in 1953. At the latter, my brother dressed up as the Duke of Edinburgh and I think a girl named Marion Crabtree (?) was the Queen. They both led a coronation parade around local streets before being "crowned" in Olton Street.
Along with my three older brothers I was a member of the 32nd Wavertree Cubs and Scouts. In the early 50s we met in the basement of the big old house at Mary Vale on South Drive until the new scout hut was built on the lawn outside.
A number of houses in the area were still bomb damaged from the war and these made exciting places as we re-enacted our own "war games" among the ruins. One house I remember was on the corner of (I think) Sandown Lane and Victoria Park.
Other fond memories are of the Flower Show in the "Mystery" and trips to Greenbank, Sefton and Calderstones Parks. I seem to recall when I was very young seeing a huge barrage balloon in the Mystery with paratroopers jumping out as part of a display of some kind.

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