The Wavertree Society:
A special consultation for all our
members and supporters
on Saturday 9th June 2001,
10.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.,

at the Olive Mount Community Centre.

For almost 25 years the Society has been telling the story of Wavertree and researching its history. Our lectures and meetings are valuable parts of Wavertree civic life. We work to improve the environment and are in regular contact with other societies and the City Council.

This special consultation will celebrate our achievements and look at where we go next in an ever-changing scene. It is a chance for our members to have their say and make suggestions about events, activities and issues.

We have asked Canon Neville Black to lead our day. Neville is well-known as a facilitator and has led consultations and workshops throughout the country. We hope that you will attend and make this a valuable and memorable event.

Coffee served from 10 a.m.  -  Admission free  -  Buffet Lunch provided (including vegetarian options).

For catering purposes, please phone Jim Hart on 0151-722 7074 if attending - by Wednesday 6th June (answerphone available).

The Community Centre, which is wheelchair accessible, is adjacent to Olive Mount Heights, just a few minutes walk from the Picton Clock along Wellstead Road. It can also be reached (via steps) from Millstead Road, off Thingwall Road.

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