Sandown Hall LIVES ON?

Members living in the Long Lane area may have noticed a white structure (pictured left) on the far side of the Sandown Park Open Space. This is the 'votive column' which has been created from relics of Sandown Hall, in accordance with the legal agreement between the Hall's former owners and the City Council (see Newsletter 133). Four pillars from the portico have been grouped together to form the column itself, while one of the tripartite windows has been laid flat on the ground alongside to serve as a seat.

When we enquired about the fate of the other salvaged components - the pediment and the cornice - we were told that the Council had sold them to 'a third party' (identity as yet undisclosed) who is to incorporate them in the facade of a new house (location undisclosed, but understood to be somewhere in the North West): the same person having also purchased all the other sandstone blocks from the Hall's south front.

So, it seems, the memory of Sandown Hall will live on: not just in Wavertree, but in even more tangible form elsewhere. We hope to carry a fuller report in the next Newsletter.

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