A 'MASTERPLAN' for Olive Mount
Many residents in and around Olive Mount Heights were alarmed to receive a broadsheet from the Liverpool Housing Action Trust in March, purporting to illustrate the future layout of the area following the closure of the Olive Mount wing of Childwall Comprehensive School. This so-called Masterplan shows new houses and flats covering virtually the whole of the School site (including the playing fields) and also the Swing Park in Mill Lane. Some of these new dwellings are to replace the Heights - which the plan assumes will be demolished - while some are described as 'Wimpey high quality homes for sale'. The only open space proposed is a 'linear park' linking Mill Lane with Thingwall Road: this being a strip of land where building is impossible owing to the presence of a main sewer.
When this document was drawn to our attention, we immediately wrote to the City Council (whose logo and officers' names appear on it) requesting an explanation of how it came to be produced, in view of the fact that both the School site and the Swing Park are designated as Green Space in the Council's Unitary Development Plan. We have since been told by Councillor Bradley that the inclusion of the Swing Park on the map was 'a mistake', and that it should not have been called a Masterplan at all, but simply a 'consultation document'. We have also been approached by residents of Olive Mount Heights, who see no reason why all three blocks have to be demolished.

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