December 2002: Newsletter 143 has information about Liverpool's Unitary Development Plan as well as an update on local planning issues and a selection of Wavertree Memories.

September 2002:
Newsletter 142 contains a Wavertree Quiz, and announces a talk on the history of Liverpool's Wellington Rooms.

June 2002:
Newsletter 141 announces a trip to Stockport, the launch of a new BBC website, and carries updates on the Olive Mount development and Wavertree Gardens.

March 2002:
Newsletter 140 mentions a major planning application for the Olive Mount school site, and an appeal decision concerning fences in Wavertree Garden Suburb.

January 2002:
Newsletter 139 includes an account of the early life of George Harrison, famous son of Wavertree and former Beatle, who died in November 2001.

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