A miscellany of messages, reproduced from our Newsletter 140.
If you have any similar memories or questions,
or would like to comment on any of these contributions,
please let us know.

"My wife and I were both born in Wavertree in 1937 & 1938 (Bishopgate Street and Hey Green Road), and lived in the area until we were married. We have resided in Australia since 1964. We recently received a gift from an old friend still living in the area, of two Tea Towels marketed by the Wavertree Society. We are very proud of these and they are framed and hung in a prime position in our house which, incidentally, we built recently and named Wavertree Cottage. Many people stop when walking past and ask 'what is a Wavertree'!"

Reg and Joyce Walls
(nee Murphy),
of Alexandra, Victoria, Australia - by E-mail


I was fascinated to read about Wavertree on the net.
I used to visit my grandparents at 28 Macdonald Street in the late 40s to early 60s, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding out about my grandfather George Proctor.

I do remember that he used to walk, rather shakily, up to the pub up Bishopgate St and left on to Picton Rd. He must have been a regular because one night he didn't turn up and half the pub drinkers went to find him at 70 Macdonald St. He worked at Cammell Lairds for years and died at 94.
Any help you can offer will be most appreciated."

Keith Proctor, of Western Australia

"My Aunty remembered a rhyme about Holy Trinity School:
'Holy Tripe and Vinegar, Dips his nose in vinegar'. (She went to Hey Green Road School).
She mentioned that there used to be a Park-keeper in the Mystery, they called him 'Nitty Whiskers'.
Also, the Head Gardener of the Botanic Gardens used to live in Paradise Garden Cottages. My Granny was friends with his wife."

Primrose Agbamu, of Leeds

"I was born in Wavertree not long after the war and lived there, in Dunstan Street, until 1964 or 5 when we moved to a tower block in Childwall. Six of us lived in Dunstan, myself, my brother, mother and father (we all slept in the front bedroom) with my mother's father and brother occupying the back of the house. We had an outside toilet and a tin bath hanging on a nail in the back yard! I vividly remember going to Saturday matinees at the Abbey Cinema, entrance charge 9d and also the Magnet Cinema next to the Gem laundry on a Saturday morning for 6d."
Dave Bates - by E-mail

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