Wavertree Gardens: SOLD OUT!

All 72 of the refurbished Wavertree Gardens flats (see last Newsletter) were sold within a few days of being put on the market - at prices ranging from £45,000 to over £70,000. The conversion work is still under way, however, and none of the purchasers has yet moved in. We understand that another 50 people are on a waiting list, and that the London-based developers, Direct Build, are now actively seeking to acquire other properties in the Wavertree area.

High Street WINDOWS
The new windows fitted to Wavertree Gardens are double-glazed, to keep out the High Street traffic noise, but are nevertheless fully in keeping with Sir Lancelot Keay's neo-Georgian architecture. They are timber framed, sliding sash windows, but with PVC glazing bars. This demonstrates that modern materials are not incompatible with traditional design. Lower down the High Street, however, are examples of the more 'normal' UPVC frames, which with their white plastic strips sandwiched between large panes of glass are poor imitations of the true Georgian style. The City Council is currently considering ordering the replacement of those at 10-14 High Street, which the approved plans clearly indicated would be timber sash rather than UPVC casement windows. This follows the enforcement action taken against other inappropriate new windows within the Wavertree Village Conservation Area.


(May 2002).

Left: Renovation work in progress

Right: One of the show flats overlooking the High Street

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