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to attend
our next meeting:
Wednesday 25th Sept, 7.30 pm

The History of the WELLINGTON ROOMS
Mount Pleasant, Liverpool
An illustrated talk by TOM WALSH

at Olive Mount Community Centre, L15

The Wellington Rooms were opened in 1816 to provide a worthy setting for the dance-loving Liverpool merchant princes, their friends and families. With its gracious architecture and interior design, the building quickly became the centre of fashionable Liverpool life. The story of the Rooms, from their 19th century heyday to their 20th century abandonment, encapsulates much of Liverpool's social and cultural history. Probably better known, today, as the former Irish Centre, the building is currently derelict, with fly-posters desecrating its walls and Grecian columns. Tom Walsh has not only researched the history of the building, but was the manager of the Irish Centre for over 30 years, having chaired the committee which acquired it for that purpose in the 1960s.

The talk will take place in the Olive Mount Community Centre on Wednesday 25th September, starting at 7.30 pm. The Centre, which is a modern, wheelchair accessible building, is adjacent to Olive Mount Heights, just a few minutes walk from the Picton Clock along Wellstead Road. It can also be reached (via steps) from Millstead Road, off Thingwall Road.

Important Notice to Members:
of the Wavertree Society

will be held on Sunday 13th October 2002, at 2 pm, at
Our Lady of Good Help Parish Centre, Chesnut Grove, Liverpool L15.

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