Our next meeting will take place in
the Wavertree Garden Suburb
Institute, Thingwall Road,
starting at 2 p.m.

Yes, there's still
of Wavertree

The 'Jim Hart roadshow' has reached Wavertree Garden Suburb. For those unaware of our autumn and winter series of colour-slide presentations, we should explain that Jim is a Wavertree Society Committee member with a flair for photography. He looks at familiar (and less familiar) corners of our area from a new angle - with a commentary to match.

The Garden Suburb has already featured prominently - and picturesquely - in the slide shows held at other venues. But this one will give it even more emphasis. Whether you are a local resident or a 'visitor', a Society member or not, you are very welcome to attend this event. Please note the date and time:

SUNDAY 3rd FEBRUARY at 2 o'clock. Admission free.

Ninety years on

The venue for our February meeting (pictured above) celebrates its 90th birthday this year. It was in 1912 that Viscount Howick, one of the leading lights in the Co-partnership housing movement, opened the Institute in Thingwall Road. This is what an early Garden Suburb resident had to say:

'This Club House forms a link with the past. The skilful reconstruction of a pair of ancient cottages has preserved the outward appearance of the thick red sandstone walls and the slated roof so beautifully mellowed with years of sunshine and storm. Many are the evenings that have and will be profitably and enjoyably spent in this new Club House in social intercourse; a whist drive, or a dance, a lecture or a concert, a debate or a gymnastic display times of merriment and enlightenment.'

(Bryce Leicester, writing in 'Garden Suburbs, Villages and Homes', Summer 1912)

For more information about the history and conservation of Wavertree Garden Suburb, see the special section of our website

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