Thingwall Allotments Association . . .

has impressive plans for the revitalisation of their site. Although largely hidden away behind the houses in Thingwall, Abbeystead and Childwall Roads, the allotments form a valuable part of Wavertree's diminishing stock of Green Space.

The Association proposes to create:

  • a plot for the disabled

  • a sensory plot

  • a show plot

  • an orchard, in place of plots which are currently unusable owing to flooding

  • a wildlife area, on another unusable part of the site.

The City Council has already brought a number of previously-unworkable plots back into use, and these have now been taken. The Association is keen to promote the health benefits of tending an allotment, including the growing of organic food. The Wavertree Society was pleased to take part in a recent Open Day organised by the Association, and we have been asked to research the history of the site with a view to further promotional activities. Please contact any of our Committee members if you are able to help.

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