The amended plans for the Olive Mount Redevelopment (see last Newsletter) were considered by the City Council's Planning Committee on 19th December, having been recommended by the Planning Officer for approval despite the many local objections. The Committee decided to visit the site before making a decision, and this visit took place on 21st January. It was immediately followed by a meeting in Liverpool Town Hall to discuss the proposal and hear both from the promoters of the scheme (Liverpool Housing Action Trust) and from the objectors. Those speaking against included the Olive Mount Residents Association, the Save Olive Mount Heights Campaign, the Save Our City Campaign and the Wavertree Society (represented by  Robert Zatz). We were pleased to hear Ward Councillor Warren Bradley criticising several aspects of the scheme, and Lady Doreen Jones - the Committee's Chairman - expressing her particular reservations about the loss of green space.

Eventually the Committee resolved:

"That consideration of this matter be deferred and that the Planning and Building Control Manager be requested to submit a further report following a review of -

  • issues concerning the undoubted loss of green space and the visual amenity value;

  • a further traffic report, to remove concerns over traffic safety and congestion; and

  • the design and location of the patio bungalows with regard to visual amenity."

We await this further report with interest. Meanwhile we have added a special Olive Mount
section to our website to publicise exactly what is being proposed, and the various objections which have been lodged.

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