SFX School site,
Queens Drive

Messrs Fairclough Homes have applied for planning permission to build a total of 62 dwellings on the site of the former Cardinal Newman Secondary Modern School, between Childwall Comprehensive School and Christ the King Church. There will be two blocks of flats - three/four storeys in height - along the Queens Drive frontage, with 20 parking spaces for visitors to the Church, and a mixture of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses on the remainder of the site. (Planning Application ref. 03F/3576).

The Old Rectory,
28-28a Church Road North

The plan to convert this fine Georgian listed building - on the corner of Hunters Lane - into a private school did not materialise, as the School concerned found other accommodation elsewhere in the city. Now a scheme has been drawn up to refurbish the building, extend it at the rear, and convert it into either 10 or 11 flats, with parking spaces laid out to the front but without significant harm to the character of the house or its surroundings. (Planning Application refs 03L/3106, 03F/3107, 03L/3137 and 03F/3138).

Linear Park consultation,
Olive Mount

Brenda Hoatson and Susan Smith are the Society's representatives on a working party which is finalising the plans for the proposed 'linear park' between Thingwall Road and Mill Lane. The issues being discussed include the principles of design, movement and circulation, and how to deal with anti-social behaviour. Suggestions for an appropriate name for the new park are also being sought. If you have any ideas - or would like to be involved in this project - please contact either Susan or Brenda as soon as possible.

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