In the last Newsletter we asked:
"On what pages of our book, 'Wavertree - Images of England', can you see: (1) a dog, (2) a cat, (3) a misspelt saint's name."

The winner of the competition was Mr Phil Bland of St Michaels, Liverpool, who correctly spotted two dogs, a cat and the misspelt saint. A special commendation went to Mrs Joyce Edwards, of Wavertree, who managed to find no fewer than FIVE dogs in the book - but no cats!

Here are the answers
(though it is possible that other cats and dogs
remain undiscovered).

Question 1 (the dogs). Any one of the following was acceptable:

Page 17 - High Street
Page 35 - Lance Lane
Page 49 - Olive Lane
Page 83 - Smithdown Road

Page 110 - Heywood Road

Question 3 (the saint) referred to Page 76 of the book, where St Barnabas - the name of the church at the end of Penny Lane - is incorrectly spelt 'St Barnarbus'.

Question 2 (the cat):
The cat sat alongside Pye Street - on page 25 of the book.

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